Many who come to fly to Tribalj, fall in love with its charms and return again. A large number of flying days, a solid altitude difference, a view of the sea and mountains, a good road, are arguments for flying in this area. The ridge is about twenty kilometers long and its rocky slopes provide good thermals, fierce in the middle of the day, but usually calm in the afternoon, so even beginners can enjoy it. You fly thermals or dynamics.


The mountain that dominates the Kvarner Bay is Učka. The ridge on which it is located stretches twenty kilometers south to Plomin. The western side of Učka descends towards the interior of Istria and passes into low hills. The eastern side of Učka falls towards the sea, i.e. the Kvarner and the Opatija Riviera.


The road leads to the takeoff. The start is grassy and spacious. Large meadows in the valley of the river Mirna are just under the start. Although the start is not very high, It has remarkable flying conditions which often offer the opportunity for a bigger flight to the interior of Istria. Also, this airfield is known for its pleasant afternoon sailing, which is enjoyed by beginners as well as experienced pilots. Perfect location for a relaxed tandem flight.


Grobničko polje is located in the hinterland of Rijeka and the Rijeka-Zagreb highway passes through it. It is a favorite site of locals  due to its accessibility and challenging flying skills. You only fly in thermals because there is no ridge. It is flyable all year round, and the best thermals are in spring, when the snow in the fields has melted, but it is still holding on the surrounding hills

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