Fly Croatia!

Feel like a bird,
enjoy a panoramic
tandem flight!

Want to see the world from a bird’s eye view?

Tandem paragliding  is what comes the closes to actually flying like a bird, and the easiest and most accessible way to do so. Thanks to our experienced tandem pilots you’ll discover a whole new state of being. On the ground, as in the air, our pilots’ patience and guidance will have you thoroughly appreciate those precious moments in the heart of the Vinodol valley. We also have gift vouchers available if you wish to let others experience the joys of flying.

Who can go tandem paragliding?

Pretty much everyone!

With our experienced and certified instructors, after just a 15 min preliminary instruction, you will be ready for the flight.

As long as you are under 120 kgs, there are no special requirements. In most of our locations we can take up people with reduced mobility or physical disability. Just get in touch. Our oldest passenger was 90 years old!

Panoramic flight

Price: € 0

Whole experience takes approximately an hour and encompasses a view of Kvarner and beautiful islands Krk and Cres. Starting point is at 770. Fly altitude is 800m.

Thermal flight

Price: € 0

Whole experience takes approximately 1.5 hours.

After taking off we circle in the hot rising air to gain altitude. We can fly up 1500 meters with breathtaking views of the entire Kvarne.  We highly recommend this flight as you will truly experience the beauty of flying and very dramatic scenery as we can very often double the height of the takeoff.

Cross flight

Price: € 0

Whole experience takes approximately 2.5 hours. An absolute highlight of all tandem flights, we offer you the XC ( cross country) tandem flight. Starting from the highest peak of North Croatia – Ucka mountain, 1400 meters and flying along the 30 km long ridge, you will discover the whole beauty and excitement of paragliding. Here, flying often exceeds the height of 2000 meters so for this type of flight we recommend warmer clothes.


Vouchers which are a great birthday present

We can cater for groups with prior arrangment and can offer flying in pair.